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Kenda Creasy Dean writes in Almost Christian, “…teenagers learn to articulate faith by hearing adults articulate theirs…(yet) American adults may be no more religiously articulate than their children. The solution is…to look for places where adults can move beyond their comfort zones and talk about their faith in teenagers’ presence.” (pp. 152-153) 


Youth ministry is about accompanying young people on their faith journey. These are resources to assist you in faith conversations that will stretch you and your young people as you follow Jesus together.

Resource Links:

Youth Resources - based on the seven faith practices
Pray, Invite, Give, Study, Serve, Encourage and Worship
These youth resources were developed for use in youth groups alongside our PD 2013 curriculum.

 If Necessary Use Words  Walking Together in Solidarity  
 In*cultur*ating the Gospel   Dog Eating Chicken 
 Going Public   Theories of Culture 

ELCA Resources on Discipleship: Bible Studies, Curriculum and other Resources

Resource to connect Global Missions and World Hunger to faith formation

Practice Discipleship Resources used at the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering


These are the original documents developed by the Practice Discipleship Team for use at the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering. Gathering Coaches were invited to tweak the worship liturgy and learning curriculum for their synod context, so your experience at the Gathering may have been slightly different than what you find here. If you would like to get the tweaked version done for your synod, contact your Gathering Coach.

 Worship Liturgy/Leader Guide  Learning Curriculum 
  Word  Word
 Discipleship Tour  


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